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• 2/10/2016

New leadership?

Good morning, evening, afternoon or night everybody. Hope y'all doing good.

This isn't really an annoucement, it's more like a "let's talk about".

I'll get to the point, I created this discussion to talk about the administration of the page.

As you may have noticed, the admin last update was on  2015-09-10 and if you didn't notice yet, there a lot to do on the wiki, like deleting pages for example.

So, I propose that an active user that meet all the Wikia Adoption Guinelines's requirements makes a request on the Adopt This Wiki page.

I could do it since I meet them all, but I don't have a lot of time since I have night classes, so, anyone?


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• 2/7/2016

But hey, Admin, if you're active, just say so! :)

• 2/8/2016

For the record, I think Lynn would be a fantastic Admin (she's probably too modest to say that).  If someone else with a good track record is able to invest the time, though, they should definitely come forwards and volunteer for this responsibility.

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