Chan Yandere was a student from Yandere High School. She wasn't seen in the first four episodes since she had just moved and was helping her family unpacking.

Chan was later accused of killing Salex by Sam, Taurtis and Yuki and she ended up in prison after appearing to threaten Yuki with a knife, just as the trio had planned.

After being released from prison, Chan became Taurtis's girlfriend, and third love interest.

She was played by Salexbrown.


Chan had long black hair with two violet eyes and wears the standard school uniform.


Chan was known to be shy, but kind... but she had sins to get away


Love InterestsEdit

Since Grian never showed up to prom after asking her out, Taurtis asked her out. After hanging out for the night, they trick or treated together along with Sam and started dating.


At first, Sam was, along with Taurtis and Yuki, suspicious of Chan, accusing her of murder, but after she started dating Taurtis, Sam started to get along with her.


After Chan was let out from jail, they keep on fighting. Chan Yandere also seems to know something about Yuki that no one know.

Many people suggest that Chan knew that Yuki killed Salex for Taurtis's love. However after Chan saw Yuki with Sam she realised that Yuki has fallen in love with someone else. Afraid of someone else dying she attempted to kill Yuki to end the madness but after it was revealed to be a trap Chan was arrested for attempted murder.

After Chan gets released from prison she seems to have a rocky relationship with Yuki however later they make amends and become friends.