In the finale of the Star Wars special (which occurred during season 2) various characters died:

  • (Stormtrooper / Taurtis clone) Tom - Died, probably due to expiration, outside the pantsu shop
  • StormTrooperTR-8R and colleague - Died in an ambush lead by Sam as he climbed into an AT-AT where they were stationed
  • Various clones - Killed as part of the fighting inside the AT-AT as Sam and co. tried to reach the cockpit
  • Darth Yeb - Possibly a clone of Principal Yeb (unless Darth Yeb was original, perhaps using the Sith essence transfer skill to live on as Principal Yeb), he died in a fight with Sam in the cockpit of an AT-AT
  • JarJar - Killed by Sam after he revealed himself as a Sith
  • Random stormtrooper / Taurtis clone - Expired randomly after the destruction of the AT-AT