Played by DomRao
Personal Information
Also Known As Dom
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Green (fur)
Species Monster (Costume)
Occupation Destroying Christmas
The Drinch is a green colored character who appears in the Christmas Special episodes.  He is seen terrorizing the community, breaking into houses and dropping yellow snow on people.

Appearance Edit

The Drinch is covered in green fur with two big angry looking eyebrows. He has a red cape as his only clothes.

Personality Edit

The Drinch is a bitter creature whose main motivation seems to be the destruction of Christmas. He later reveals, however, that actually, as Dom, his real motivation is to get back his dad.

Relationships Edit

In the third episode of the Christmas Special, the Drinch reveals himself to actually be "The amazing DomWow" in disguise.

Trivia Edit

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