Many of the characters in the show take on various assumed identities, for different reasons, leading to no small degree of confusion. Below is a list of examples of identities held by different characters.

Sam Edit

  • Samantha - In order to escape the Yakuza, and to potentially win the heart of his crush, Sookie (who is a lesbian), Sam dressed as a girl with the name Samantha
  • Paul Blart - Sam tries on Paul Blart's disembodied head and does a few impressions of him, even trying to convince Rowan
  • Han Solo - In the Star Wars specials, Sam dresses as Han

Taurtis Edit

  • Taurissa - To help Sam practice dating, Taurtis agrees to pretend to be a girl, and introduces himself as Taurissa to his classmates. This identity also proves useful in escaping the Yakuza
  • Jerry - After blacking out from the bloodless sustained due to a stab wound from Sam, Taurtis loses his memory and finds himself in a park where Sam bumps into him and decides his name must be Jerry
  • Paul Blart - Taurtis briefly attempts to replace Paul by wearing his disembodied head and impersonating him
  • Clones - In season 2, Taurtis is cloned and there are multiple simultaneous characters that share some of the characteristics of the original Taurtis
  • Chewbacca - In the Star Wars specials, Taurtis 2 dresses as Chewie (perhaps accidentally due to forgetting to shave)

Grian Edit

  • Taurtis - To prevent Sam's psychosis from becoming unmanageable and dangerous, Grian resigns himself to pretending to be Taurtis
  • Wizard Grian - Again due to Sam's confusion regarding police issued disguises, Grian ends up pretending to be a teleporting wizard with the same name whenever the disguise was on his face
  • Yakuza boss - After Sam realises that his extra-judicial killing of the real Yakuza boss was probably illegal, he convinces Grian to take on the identity of the dead man, including pretending to be Taurtis's (and Yuki's) father
  • Paul Blart - Like Sam and Taurtis, Grian briefly wears Paul's head to pretend to be him
  • Princess Leia - In the Star Wars specials, Grian appears dressed as Princess Leia (due to Sam forcing him into the costume previously)