Igbar Von Squid
Played by IgbarVonSquid
Personal Information
Full Name Igbar Von Squid
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Species Squid/ Demons/

Igbar is a student at the same high school as Sam in Tokyo. He is believed to be male and a squid-person. It is this aquatic connection that perhaps causes him to be chosen for an experiment in Mr Chupa's class, in episode 33 of season 2.

He is seen again, in a transformed state, during S2E38, after the boys travel to a pocket dimension in Mr Chupa's class. Here, Igbar reveals that "You're the cause of it all Sam", and that Sam is likely to destroy all of humanity.


Igbar is a blue squid-like humanoid. He has crossed eyes and black square pupils.

He wears the same school uniform as the others students which consist of a white shirt, a light blue jacket with the school's logo along with black pants. Igbar also wears a dark red scarf which hide the bottom of his face.



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