Played by JtsTheDane
Personal Information
Status Deceased †
Love Interest(s) HiddenSentimentals
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Species Human
Residence He was known to have a house that he built himself on a corner in the old town, however, he was born in Denmark and his roots resided their.
Occupation Student

JTS is a student at Akedemi HighSchool in season 1 . He escaped back to denmark and gave Hidden fake news about him being dead


He has a scar across his right eye, which he claims to have received from fighting a wolf. He won.


Despite his tough appearance, JTStheDane seems to be somewhat caring. He hints to enjoying deer hunting and climbing up mountains. He is tough and probably the strongest student. He also carries around an axe, and would rather use it than a bow and arrow. JTS attended prom with Hidden and they were dating, and when JTS died in a war in Denmark, Hidden was crushed and went crazy. Its is unknown if Hidden ever regained mental stability.


Love InterestsEdit

Hidden asked JTS to prom.


  • It is said in Hidden's diary in episode 61 that JTS died in a war in Denmark.
  • Despite the name "JtsTheDane" suggesting the character is Danish (which would explain him fighting in a war in Denmark), he mentions climbing mountains "back in Norway" in episode 1.

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