Joakim Star
Played by J the Star
For Experience
Personal Information
Full Name Joakim Star
Also Known As J
Status Alive
Love Interest(s) Possibly Chan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'5
School Yandere High School
Species Human
Residence Lives In Multiple Houses
Occupation Student


J the Star is a main character in Yandere High School and a guest character in Tokyo Soul. He is a rich student that attended Akademi High School during Season 1. He was the original tritagonist but Grian replaced him.

He later appeared in Episode 35 of Tokyo Soul when his future self tried to save Sam,Taurtis and Grian from Terminator Rowan but immediately bails on them.


J has brown hair and brown eyes and wears marine blue glasses. Like the other male students, he wears the standard beige uniform along with black pants. 


Other than the fact that J is a smart entrepreneur, he is also always here to help Sam and Taurtis, giving them money when needed or just helping them break into different places. J's home country is Norway.



Sam and J are friends and have a stable friendship and J is always here to help Sam if needed. Sam, Taurtis and J also eat at the same table during lunchtime.

Like with Sam, J and Taurtis have a stable relationship and he is always here to help Taurtis if needed. Sam, Taurtis and J also eat at the same table during lunchtime.


For an unknown reason, J asked Sam and Taurtis to break into Chan's house to steal her panties.


  • J is known to be very wealthy and rich, despite losing money throughout the first season.
  • J has a mysterious lab in which he preforms unknown experiments.
  • J has been known to own several cars, including the Delorean from Back to the Future as seen in Episode 35 of Tokyo Soul.
  • In Episode 35 of Tokyo Soul, J from the future comes back in time to briefly join the gang.
  • J was Sam and Taurtis' first friend in the beginning of the second year of High School.
  • Its possible that J has a crush on Chan since he asked Sam and Taurtis to break in her house and steal her panties.