Jane is Gareth's dead wife and a important minor character in the series (specifically Yandere). Not much was known about her during Yandere High School other than the fact that she disappeared before the first episode, and was considered dead early on in the series.

Gareth was later accused for her murder after her bones and blood were found scattered throughout his house.

Jane was a mystery through the series as it was almost impossible to find her killer so she was forgotten and only brought up when Gareth mentioned her.

Sam hypothesised in the season 1 finale that her death may have been at the hands of Yuki, as a result of Yuki's jealousy at the apparent romantic interest Taurtis showed in Jane. This would mean that Jane's death occurred after she had left Gareth.

She is first introduced and seen in Yandere (series) along with her husband Gareth.


Jane has long blond hair with a bang covering her right eye, hiding one of her brown eyes. In further episodes of, Yandere, Jane now wears a minecraft witch's attire.


At first, Jane seems like a nice and caring mother to her son Pepe. She also seems like a sweet, but a little bit bossy wife to her husband Gareth.

But as soon as Gareth quits her classroom, she turns out to have quite a nasty personality, being relieved that her husband was gone and calling him a drag. Jane then also patronized her students, calling them names, ordering them to shut up and and being rude.

She is also irresponsible. Since she doesn't have her "teaching things", she decides to instead force her students to jump through the window while trying to not to fall on the ground, knowing that they were on the second floor.


She was Gareth's wife. It was clear that Gareth cared about her a lot as he was depressed and suicidal (Something that was barely noticed) after she left him. It wasn't clear on why Jane left Gareth as not much was known about there relationship, and we first learn her name in episode one.


  • In Yandere, it is revealed that she was a teacher at Yandere High School and was very strict and bossy.
  • It was revealed Yuki murdered her out of jealousy after Taurtis made romantic comments about her.
  • It is unknown how Yuki killed her.
  • It is also revealed that pepe was her son.
  • Her death was a big mystery in the series and it drove some of the plot.
  • At episode 5 Garet(her Husband) told Taurtis that Dorito‘s Is his wife favorite food