Played by Stormform
Personal Information
Age Older than Grian
Status Deceased †
Relative(s) Yuki (Child)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Species Human
Residence Unknown.
Occupation Former Yakuza Boss

Karu was the oyabun of the Yakuza and Yuki's father. He was also a suspect murderer of Salex though this was proven wrong when Salex's ghost admitted it was Yuki. He was killed by Paul Blart, Sam and Grian in Episode 71


Karu has Brown hair and Black eyes. He has a suit with a red tie and a Black cap. His clump of hair blocks half of his face, including his eye.


Karu was very suspicious when Sam, Taurtis, and Grian met him and his Yakuza members.



Karu is Yuki's father.

Karu affirmed that Taurtis was his son through a letter, even though it was most likely a lie to manipulate Taurtis into not killing him.


Since Taurtis (Jerry), Sam, and Grian (Taurtis) needed a job to get a house, Yuki suggested them working for her dad. At the time they had no clue what they were going to do. When they arrived they started gambling all their money with the other Yakuzas. They lost all of their money when Taurtis went all in. When they were ready to go in Karu's office, he gave them a hit list which had targets they needed to collect money from (JtheStarPufferFishPeteRowanArtifexPepe_FrogmanMr. DoritoDaPieLord, and samgladiator). Karu said "As long as you stay with my princess, we have no quarrels with you Sam". They said they would not do it unless, they got cool hats just like them.

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