Played by @SirCutieYuki
Personal Information
Full Name Kiyu
Age 16
Status Alive
Relative(s) n/a
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink (left eye)

White (right eye)

Height 5'1"
Species One-Eyed Ghoul

Kiyu is an agent of the Witness Protection Program introduced in season 2 of Yandere High School, Tokyo Soul. Under orders from her superior, Okami, she shows Sam and Taurtis to their new home in Tokyo. (After getting a little lost herself...)

She is the fourth narrative voice character of the series, along with Sam, Taurtis and Grian.

After the early episodes of the second season, she stops being a narrative voice character, and later falls out of the episodes entirely. The reasons for this are not fully known.

Despite fan speculation, Kiyu has been confirmed by SirCutieYuki (the actress) to not be the same character as Yuki.


Kiyu has pink bed hair that's usually tied up into pigtails. The ribboned bows that she uses to tie up her hair changes color most of the time. Her eyes are different, the left eye is pink whilst the right eye has a black sclera and a white pupil. Her clothes are baggy with two grey/white stripes and three black stripes. She wears grey ripped denim jeans shorts and white leggings.


Kiyu is a very friendly but also a very shy person. She has an awful sense of direction which has people wonder how she got her job in the first place, having apparently been scolded by Okami once before. She appears meek, but has quite a willingness to help the protagonists to the best of her ability.


  • Kiyu's name is an anagram of Yuki.[1]
  • She is also seen to have some of the same features of Yuki, i.e. having ribbons, pink hair, and also slightly the same clothing style.
  • Kiyu and Yuki went to Tokyo Middle School together.


  1. Anagram, via SirCutieYuki's Twitter

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