Played by MegaNecra
Picture made by SamuelMTV
Personal Information
Full Name Ethan Artist Artifex
Also Known As MegaNecra

Dayne Schryer

Date of Birth August 12, 1997
Age 19
Relative(s) Okami (mother)
Rowan (father)
Silly (sister)
Love Interest(s) Any other lesbian currently available.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Height 7'12"
Weight 530 lbs
School School for mentally retarded genderfluids
Residence 77 Wayne Ave.
Occupation Torrenting games on the first day of their release.

MegaNecra is Rowan and Okami' son and Silly's brother in Yandere High School. He only appears during the beach episodes. He doesn't attend Akademi High School.

Appearance Edit

Necra has middle length brown hair and violet eyes. 

Personality Edit

Necra is a cute little lesbian, who is currently in a gay support group. He is not from Compton, in fact he is from 34°23'41"N   132°27'17"E.


Silly is Necra's sister and the two of them get along.

Okami is Necra's mother.

Rowan is Necra's father.