Okami Artist
Played by okami_artist
Personal Information
Full Name Okami Artist Artifex
Also Known As Teacher Okami
Okami Sensei
Age 49
Status Alive
Relative(s) Rowan (husband)
Silly (daughter)
MegaNecra (son)
Love Interest(s) Rowan (husband)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'4
Weight 150lbs
School Yandere High School
Species Human
Occupation Teacher and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

Okami Artist is the wife of Rowan and mother of Silly and Necra. She is also a main character in the series. She applied as a teacher at Yandere High School, soon after Gareth died. Okami is now the new teacher of Sam's class. 


Okami  has long blond hair with yellowish tones attached in a ponytail. She wears black frame glasses and has intense blue eyes.

Okami wears a deep sky blue shirt with a light blue gradient and her shirt also has a white collar along with white sleeves. Okami's shirt also has black buttons aligned vertically, buttons matching her black pants. She finishes off her outfits with red shoes.


Okami is a cheerful and positive woman with a bright personality, contrasting with Gareth's positive one. Sam even affirms that she is both a "cool" and a "fun" teacher. Okami also deeply cares about her students and always brings fun homework and in-class assignments for them, very much like Prof. Gareth.


Love InterestsEdit

Rowan is Okami's husband and both of them are deeply in love. Okami also seems to be the one to wear the pants in the relationship, according to Rowan comments.


Silly is Rowan and Okami's daughter and both of them care very deeply about her.

Necra is Okami' son.


  • She appears in every season.
  • In the finale of the first season, she wears Rowans glasses and hat (possibly to honor him).
  • In episode 35 of Tokyo Soul , Sam called her Amy which is her name in real life.