Pepe is a supporting character in the roleplay, who is known to be the saddest and poorest student, evident being he lives in a garbage bin.  He is also Jane and Gareth' son.

He is later then happier after encountering Patty, who later becomes his fiancee. They immediately after move into the house previously owned by Gareth.


Pepe is an anthropomorphic depressed-looking frog. He has a deep green skin and big dark red lips. It is also important to note that he has a "really long tongue" as said by Taurtis.

Pepe normally wears the top of the standard male uniform along with high-waist jean with a brown belt, but can be seen from time to time naked or without pants.


Pepe is a depressed frog with a pessimistic attitude and most of the time, he is degrading himself. He is mostly unhappy and discouraged by life, thinking that nothing good will ever happen to him. He even go as far as trying to take his own life multiple times. Pepe also describes himself as a "Broken and empty" frog, comparing himself to his eggshell.

However, he cheered a up a bit after meeting Patty, showing her a loving and caring side.


Love InterestsEdit

It was love at first sight for Pepe and full of confidence, he tipped his fedora at Patty, which didn't please Patty's father, PufferFish Pete. Even if PufferFish Pete disapproved their union, Pepe ended up proposing to her, which she happily agreed to. The two lovebirds then moved to Gareth's old (haunted) house.


  • Pepe is based from the internet meme Pepe the Frog, more precisely, the Sad Frog version.
  • Pepe is a victim of racism by the other marine characters, especially PufferFish Pete.
  • Pepe was possessed by Gareth's ghost and was speaking in tongues.
  • It is revealed in the new series,Yandere, that Pepe's parents are Gareth and Jane. However, it is hinted that Gareth is not his biological father.