Played by DaPieLord
*Muffled Greeting*
Personal Information
Also Known As loco


Age 16-18 years old
Status Alive
Love Interest(s) Ellen
Physical Description
Gender Unknown, Hinted Female
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Green
School Akademi High School
Species Human
DaPieLord is a student at Yandere High School and their gender is uncertain, but in the second episode of the Christmas Special, Pie's face is revealed and it is hinted by Sam and Grian that Pie is female.

Pie speaks with a muffled voice because of their space helmet. They are not well understood by Sam and possibly other characters.

Appearance Edit

Pie normally wears a green and red suit with a matching helmet and their face and possibly gender was kept a secret until the Christmas Special.

In the second episode of the Christmas special, Sam, Taurtis, Grian and JTheStar enter Pie's house and end up in front of a feminine looking person with white skin, middle-length dirty blonde hair and green eyes (1)

Personality Edit

Pie comes across as quite shy, perhaps partly due to the muffled and mumbled nature of their speech while wearing their space helmet. In the run up to the prom, Pie seemed very anxious about asking out Majo Ellen and later seemed conciliatory with Grian over their falling out.

Relationships Edit

Pie asks Majo Ellen to the prom, and later appears jealous of the romantic interest that Majo Ellen seems to take in Grian.

Trivia Edit

  • At prom, DaPieLord appeared wearing a dress. 
  • It was hinted on an episode that DaPieLord may have a crush on Grian when DaPieLord ask Sam to give a letter to Grian.
As seen in the Christmas Special.

Pie's face.

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