Played by Gareth
Personal Information
Full Name Geode Rocks
Also Known As Prof Geode
Status Alive
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
School Tokyo high school
Species Human (possibly alien)
Occupation Teacher

Prof Geode, or Professor GeodeRocks, is one of the main antagonists in Tokyo Soul. He is a very creepy teacher who says that Taurtis is 'The Chosen One'. He made heaps of Taurtis clones and possible even killed Taurtis.

On Teacher Inspection day, it was revealed that there is a painting in his classroom you can go through. Going through that painting will take you to a fake classroom, a Cooking Class. So that proves that Senor Loro doesn't know about Geode being 'creepy'. For a while, every time he appeared, his smile grew bigger.

In episode 40, Senor Loro said that he believed that "Geode is from Kazachstan" (sic), as a reason for explaining his odd behavior.

Appearance Edit

Geode has fair-skinned with blue eyes as well as a medium-length black hair parted on the left.

He normally wears a white shirt that he complements with a grey tie. Geode completes his outfit with dark grey pants and white and black running shoes.

Personality Edit

Geode is quite cray-cray/crazy but eventually seems to learn something about friendship.

Relationships Edit

He has a somewhat distant relationship with Taurtis and Jerry, despite them effectively being his two children.