Pete is a character in Yandere high school, Tokyo soul and Yandere. he is pufferfish and one of the fish people. He is often seen doing various jobs, such as driving the train, but he admits later to be undercover to destroy the yakuzas. He has a lot of children and gives them to whoever he can. The only child he keeps is his Patty and he says he is proud of her.


He is a yellow pufferfish and can be seen with a small beard in the latest episodes.He started to get dissapointed in Patty when she was engaged with Pepe




Pete is Patty's father and he is proud of her.

Taurtis self-proclaimed himself Pete'S brother and Pete just rolls with it.

He has a lot of kids, but he doesn't really give a damn about them and either lets them die or gives them to everyone.

Pepe is his son-in-law and Pete most of the time harasses or bullies him since he is racist against frogs.