Played by RowanArtifex
Personal Information
Full Name Rowan Artifex
Age 30-47
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Okami (wife)
Silly (daughter)
MegaNecra (son)
Love Interest(s) Okami (wife)
Physical Description
Gender Male
School Yandere High School
Species Human
Occupation Teacher

Rowan used to be a soldier in the Vietnam War[1], he used to be a gym teacher at Akademi High School. In the second season, he appears in Terminator form. He is also present in the prequel series, Yandere, when he returns from a war.


Rowan is a tanned physically fit and trim man and also wears a Mexican-style mustache. He wears a camouflage pant matching the green of his hat along with a black tank top. He finishes his outfit with a belt and long black boots.


Rowan is first introduce as abusive toward his students, being pretty hard on them. He was later seen as a teacher caring about his students, helping Sam and Taurtis when they were in disguise and when the Yakuzas were looking for them. He may also seem angry since he is always yelling, but it is just his normal voice tone.



Rowan's wife is teacher Okami, who he often relies on to keep him out of trouble.

Rowan says that when Silly was a baby they couldn't afford a baby sitter and Rowan carried her through the war against the neo-Nazis, which may have contributed towards his PTSD.

Terminator Rowan Edit

In season 2, episode 35, Rowan appears to visit Tokyo in search of Sam and his friends. The boys are surprised to discover, however, that the apparent Rowan is actually a Terminator, who J The Star warns them is from the future. Sam deduces that the aliens (who appeared to be invading the city) had programmed this Terminator to kill him, perhaps in revenge for the aliens he had killed.

Given that the boys were dealing with time-travelling aliens who have mastered cyborg technology, it is possible that the aliens had travelled back in time to shortly after Rowan drowned, removed his brain from his head, resuscitated it, and placed it in a cyborg body modelled after his original organic one.

Although none of the aliens mentioned Rowan, or seemed to know what Sam meant when questioned about him, the Terminator Rowan disappeared after Sam destroyed their spaceship (in the finale of the One Punch Man! special episodes). This suggests that either there were aliens somewhere on the ship controlling him, perhaps in secret, or that the Terminator's time-travelling technology was nevertheless in some way dependent on the aliens or their ship.


  • He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his triggers are: the jacket that Sam was wearing for the photo day, the song "My Little Buttercup" by Steve Martin & Martin Short, people reading[2], and camera flashes[3]. Some of these seem to be related to a guy named Sheblowski who he knew in the war.
  • In the Yandere series (episode 7), he is triggered just by the mention of "war".[4]
  • He drives a Monster Truck.
  • Rowan's appearance is based from Sgt. Slaughter from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.
  • Okami said that Rowan's dream was to be a chef.
  • In episode 1, he claims to have killed the school principal, which may explain why no school principal is seen in the series.
  • When Yuki chases after Sam with her knife after prom, Rowan comments "ITS LIKE 99 ALL OVER AGAIN", suggesting he may have been involved in the Kosovo War (or another war which happened at the same time in the show's universe).
  • He died on episode #79 named WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! (Minecraft Roleplay), and his remains (namely blood) were interred in a grave at the back of the school which reads "Here lies muscel man", spelled wrong by Dom.
  • During Yandere (series), Silly said that her father was fighting in some kind of war[5] and later in episode 7 he says "IVE BEEN IN WAR FOR 14 YEARS"[4], meaning she was conceived during a war

References Edit

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