Salex Brown is a character and student from Yandere High School. Whilst she doesn't narrate the series at all, she is seen early in the series. She is also a freshman at the school, and has just begun a new year and was Taurtis' girlfriend.

She later died in a mysterious car crash and was buried behind the school next to Gareth and her spirit can be seen haunting both her house and Yandere High School.

Appearance Edit

Salex has long brown hair, with an aqua strip running through the front, as well as electric blue eyes. She wears the standard sailor school uniform; a navy skirt, white shirt with the red ribbon, and black shoes. 

Personality Edit

Not a great deal of Salex is seen through the series, but she is presented as a very friendly and moral person, as well as being a good friend to those she cares about. She seems slightly shy, also.

Relationships Edit

Love InterestsEdit

Salex was Taurtis' girlfriend. She seemed to adore him, and vice versa. In the fourth episode of the Halloween special, she admitted in her ghost form that she always loved him.


Sam and Salex were distant friends, but didn't talk to one another all that much.


  • The Minecrafter who plays Salex is dating Taurtis in real life. 
  • Salex grave's is situated behind the school, next to Gareth's one.
  • In her first appearance, ShanaChan appears in the chat when Salex speaks. It is replaced with her username in her other appearances.
  • Her death played a big role in the story as Sam and Taurtis were trying to find her killer.