Silly attended Akademi High School and that was in the same class as Sam and Taurtis during Season 1.  She is also the daughter of the classroom's teacher Okami and the daughter of the gym teacher Rowan. She is also claimed to win everything because her parents are the teachers.


Silly has long brown hair and blond tips. Her eyes are blue. She wears the standard female uniform


Silly is very shy. Silly although had seen too much due to the Neo-Nazi War when she was just a baby. Rowan and Okami couldn't afford a baby-sitter, so Rowan strapped a Baby Sling around him with Silly in it. Rowan stated this in the episode, " Father's Day ." In Yandere Silly is shown to quite intelligent despite being two years younger than most of her class members.



Her relationship with her mother is quite calm. She doesn't fight with her mom, although yet..

Silly's relationship with her father is the same with her mother.

Silly and her brother, MegaNecra, are probably calm. Meganecra doesn't show often, so there might not be a possibility if they get along well.

Love Interest

Silly is currently dating Grian. The two had their first date when Mr Chupa sent them along with some others to retrieve a special book in the school basement, resulting her, Grian, Sam, Jorje, Taurtis and Jamberite in being transferred to a different timeline, in which Grian and Invader were in an "open relationship." It is made clear that Silly does not approve of Grian being Invader's boyfriend, but she appears to tolerate it. There are often times when Silly takes the role of the "submissive" person in their relationship, following Grian's orders and commands. Ultimately, Sam and Grian leave Silly in the alternate timeline to go someplace else, for it was infected with zombie minions. It is unsure whether or not Sillya be in healthy condition.