Played by wellm0nstah
Because I'm Lesbian..
Personal Information
Full Name Sookie Yaki
Also Known As Sook Sook by Sam, Pookie in Sam's story
Status Unknown(possibly committed suicide)
Love Interest(s) Soul (girlfriend)
Samantha/Sam (ex-potential)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
School Yandere High School
Species Well Monster
Residence Lives with Yuki and Soul
Occupation Student

Sookie Yaki, is a supporting character in the roleplay and also a student of Akademi High School. She is a classmate of Sam's who is well aware of his feelings for her, however she doesn't return them considering she is a lesbian and also in a relationship with Soul.


Sookie has red hair and black eyes, however unlike the other students, she has dark green skin.

She wears a typical Japanese school uniform - a sailor fuku - which is navy blue.


Sookie is friendly, especially toward other girls and seems a bit a good with boys. She is also kind, feeling a bit sorry for Sam in the beginning, but grows into being a bit uncomfortable when Sam is hitting on her, not knowing how to react to his sudden interest in her person since she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.


Love Interest

Sookie and Soul are dating.


  • She, apart from Soul, is the only known lesbian in the roleplay.
  • Sookie is also known by the name Sook Sook (or Pook Pook, based on the character Pookie from a manga Sam invented).
  • She dropped or put a note on Salex's grave saying "See you soon...", which could suggest Sookie later commited suicide.
  • She is the first character to have red hair.