Played by SoulOwl
Personal Information
Full Name Soul Owl
Age 15-16
Status Alive
Love Interest(s) Sookie (Girlfriend)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color None ( Just Feathers.. )
Eye Color Yellow and black
School Yandere High School
Species Owl
Residence Lives with Sookie and Yuki
Occupation Student

Soul Owl is a student in Yandere High School in the same class as Sam and Taurtis.

Soul is dating Sookie.


Soul is a owl with white/grey feathers; Feathers that can be damaged if exposed to water. Her pupils are black and encircled by a yellow iris. Soul's beak is grey.


She had a baby with Sookie while Sookie was poisoned . .....(bitch where? What episode?)


Love Interest

Soul and Sookie are dating.(GAAAAYYYY) They have a serious relationship and care about eachother dearly. They both share the same room and sometimes make out. This was shown when Sam, Taurtis and Grian were looking for a house to buy.


Yuki lives with Sookie and Soul however even though Soul and Sookieyaki share a room, Yuki has her own room. When the students had to bring in a pet Yuki brang in Soul and presented her in front of class. This displeased Soul and she nearly attacked Yuki because of her insensitive comments.

Even though they are roommates it is not known if they are very close and it seems that Soul and Sookie are not suspicious of Yuki's mysterious behaviour.


  • Soul is most likely an American Owl
  • He lives with Sookie and Yuki, and their house was broken into by Sam in an attempt to poison her.

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