Played by Stormform
Personal Information
Full Name Stanley Gladiater
Also Known As Dad (by Sam)
Age 60-80 years old
Status Alive
Relative(s) Wife (Sam's mom)

Son (Sam)

Love Interest(s) Sam's Mom
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black
Species Half-Rabbit
Occupation Retired
Stanley is Sam's dad and was introduced in Episode 76, Bring Your Dad to School.


Stanley has grey hair with a chevron mustache and puffy eyebrows. Like his son, Stanley is half-rabbit and has white rabbit ears with white fur on the back half of his head.

Stanley wears a white shirt. He also wears a beige pants with a belt and suspender.


Stanley personality is friendly and he is also really talkative. He actually likes to talk about his what his son did in the past, but Sam said he said those things only to be interesting. (But Sam most likely said that because he was embarrassed.) On the other hand, Taurtis describe Stanley as cool.

Relationships Edit


Stanley is Sam's father and he seems to care a lot about his son (but embarrass him quite a lot).

Stanley also has a wife, Sam's mother.


Stanley was actually surprised to learn that his son has real friends and a real girlfriend.

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