Played by Stormform
Personal Information
Status Deceased †
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark blue
Eye Color Cyan
Occupation Yakuza member
Stormform is a deceased Yakuza in Yandere Highschool. His first speaking role was in Moving day on the train. He is mistaken by Sam and Taurtis to be Mister Dorito, In New town he sells cocaine to Sam and Taurtis, but later in The Shady Man he is killed by Okami, Silly and Paul Blart

Appearance Edit

Storm has middle length blue hair with a bang hiding one of his cyan eyes. His skin is pale grayish blue.

Storm wears a black with a white stripe Yakuza hat along with a purplish blue suit and a red tie.

Personality Edit

Storm is shown to have a very shady persona, as he prefers to keep his dealings hidden within the alleyway.

Storm is shifty and perceptive. As seen when he tricks Sam and Taurtis into believing they were being offered "special sugar".

Relationships Edit

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