Episode 51
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Voice Narrator(s) @samgladiator
Air Date April 12, 2016
Minutes 17:13
Characters Sam
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Episode 51 - GRIANS GIRLFRIEND?! is the fifty-first episode of the sequel series, Tokyo Soul.

Full Episode SummaryEdit

Chaos erupts in the school as almost every student and teacher fight for the Necronomicon. After swimming laps at the swimming pool with Jerry's class, the boys head to Geode's class only to find out Doughierboy, the alien, is the substitute teacher. They head to the garbage dump as the lesson was to cook human food for Jerry. While on the way, the Necronomicon slowly started to manipulate Grian's brain. It started to convince Grian to do the things it said to him, like "tell Silly to collect the stuff for you", "this slaves should cook for us" etc. Grian got possessive to the evil book and agreed to everything it said since he considered the Necronomicon to be his partner, rather than Silly.

The chaos erupts as Sam, Taurtis, Cthulhu and almost everyone started to fight each other to get control of the book. Sam related the situation to Lord of the Rings and that he was Frodo Baggins and Grian was Golum. Sam even tried to convince Grian to hand him the book, while Jerry and Doughierboy scolded them for not paying attention to class. The book then told Grian to head to the roof of the school but being quite lost, he ended up in the library instead.

Sam told Grian to hand him the book and said that he wouldn't be possessive of the book since Sam first handed the book over to Grian instead of keeping it for himself. Cthulhu, Taurtis and the gang watched on as Grian overcame with shame and greed. He handed over the book to Sam, only to find he was tricked by Sam himself, who claimed he had the power mostly because Cthulhu foretold it and he held the almighty Necronomicon.

He headed to the roof where the actually Golum, who was the school bell, suddenly appeared. Golum demanded to give the book to him and it was revealed that Golum had the book long ago. Sam refused and ran to the edge where Golum leaped to catch him, only to find himself fallen to his death. Sam asked the book whether he should jump and the book said to trust him and jump. Believing in the book, Sam jumped and survived, however he did not become the owner of the Necronomicon for long since he was forced to hand it over to Dom.


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Full VideoEdit

Tokyo Soul - GRIANS GIRLFRIEND?! 51 (Minecraft Roleplay)17:14

Tokyo Soul - GRIANS GIRLFRIEND?! 51 (Minecraft Roleplay)


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