So like everyone knows Yuki was a big part of yandere high school. Only some may know the true story about Yuki which I will be telling you. In Sam and Taurtis' second year Yuki fell in love with Taurtis. It started when Taurtis went over to Yuki and Invader and filrted while Sam was making a phone call to his mom. In their first class Taurtis was talking about Gareths wife in class as a joke but Yuki did not take it as a joke and murdered her. Then Taurtis started dating a girl named SalexBrown but Yuki did not want their relationship to grow so she got her dad, Karu, to drive a bus/car into Salex, killing her. Karu took Salex's phone and gave it to Yuki who started messaging Taurtis. Chan was aware of this and Yuki knew that she was dating Taurtis at that time so she got her in prison by getting Sam and Taurtis to come to her house by framing Chan for Salex's death. When Chan got out of jail Taurtis asked Yuki to the prom and she said yes and then eventually Sam joined in (trying to annoy Taurtis) and both Sam and Taurtis went to the prom with Yuki much to her joy. Grian was supposed to go with Chan to the prom but ended up leaving so Taurtis left Yuki and went out with Chan because he felt bad so then Sam left Yuki and told her and then she went insane and tried to kill him but she realized in order to get Taurtis she needed to date Sam to get to him so she got her dad to make him go out with her. During this experience she started to like sam and ended up loving him. That was the story about Yuki that only some people know.

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