Tokyo Soul is the sequel season to Yandere High School, the minecraft roleplay series that aired near the end of summer 2015. It starts by following Sam, Taurtis and Dom on their adventure to the city of Tokyo, where they must hide from the Yakuza as part of a witness protection program. 

Sam, Taurtis, Grian and Dom then face new and creepy people yet again. First they encounter their odd guide, Kiyu, and then they are introduced to their new school and teachers.

The season ended with Sam, Grian, Alternate Dimension Taurtis, and Jerry back in the regular universe with everything destroyed but their house in the sky. There are a total of 56 episodes.

In the start of season 2 the universe is "reset" and Sam is found crying on a bench from depression. He also reveals that Taurtis and Grian will not be in the series, and have instead been replaced by Einshine and Gizzy Gazza. The series may take place in an alternate universe.

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